Arts Marketing Festival

1 — 2 December 2020

A new kind of event for arts marketers and audience development professionals

What’s it about?

The Arts Marketing Festival will take place across virtual stages: The Knowledge Stage, Challenge Stage, Perspectives Stage and Inspiration Stage. It will also feature the UnFestival, where you get to choose the topics and shape the agenda.

You’ll hear from speakers sharing insights, have the opportunity to take part in interactive sessions, and you can also check into the Learning Lounge, when you’re ready for a bit of a break from watching your screen.

Plus there’s the Festival Fringe, with a range of social activities to help you relax, meet new contacts and share experiences.

We can’t wait — and we hope to see you there.

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Free for AMA Members – but everyone’s welcome!

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Festival Timetable and Sessions

Tuesday 1 December

Please note: Sessions with a pink border will be recorded and included in the Access All Areas Pass






Day 1 — 9.00am

Day 1 — 9.30am


Day 1 — 10.00am

The Big Marketing Challenge

The Big Marketing Challenge gives the opportunity for some creative problem solving with your peers, to unleash some radical ideas and test things out in the safety of a make-believe, but very recognisable, scenario. This session ends at 11.15 am.

This session won’t be recorded for the Access All Areas Pass.

Abby Corfan — Director of Marketing
Donmar Warehouse

Richard Loftus — Director of Sales & Marketing
Town Hall, Symphony Hall

We Shall Not Be Removed

— why good access is good for everyone

In this session we will hear from two people who have driven the #WeShallNotBeRemoved campaign forward and explore how the language we use can affect who engages with our organisations.

Becky Morris Knight — Arts Communications Freelancer
Drake Music

Jo Verrent — Senior Producer

Data, Campaigns and Audience Growth

— how Opera Australia are adapting

Discover why arts organisations need new marketing strategies after the pandemic, based on insights that have come out of research conducted by Opera Australia.

Georgia Rivers — Marketing Director
Opera Australia

New “Leaders” – tools and tips for managing digital projects

In the current climate lots of do-ers have been holding the fort, managing digital activities and strategies. In this session our speakers will share the tools they’ve used to manage this new responsibility and how they’ve made the most of digital partners to communicate with decisions makers to gain buy-in.

Chris Smith — Development Manager (Campaigns)
Town Hall Symphony Hall

Eman Bhatti — Executive Assistant
New Adventures

Evie Kissack — PR & Communications Officer
Midlands Arts Centre

Kate Mroczkowski — Strategy Director

Sponsored by Supercool

Day 1 — 11.00am


Talk to Ed or Rob at PatronBase about how you can make the most of your technology, systems or data.

PatronBase are one of our Festival sponsors.

Day 1 — 11.30am

You Said Black Lives Matter, Now What?

— how to communicate your antiracist stance

In this practical workshop, you’ll work in groups through the internal and external communications frameworks that put you on the path to communicating your organisation’s anti-racist stance.

This session won’t be recorded for the Access All Areas Pass.

Ishreen Bradley — Consultant

Mel Larsen — Consultant & Coach

Dancing at a Distance

— a reopening story

During this session, Ankur Bahl and Jane Macpherson from Sadler’s Wells share the process behind and initial outcomes of Dancing At Distance, an organisation-wide strategy to prioritise and plan activities for lockdown.

Ankur Bahl — Director of Content & Audiences
Sadler’s Wells

Jane Macpherson — Director of Marketing & Sales
Sadler’s Wells

An Unlikely Place to find TikTok Success?

In this session we’ll be hearing from Martin Jefferies, about how he built a partnership with TikTok and engagement with a very different audience for English Heritage.

Martin Jefferies — Social Media Manager
English Heritage

Art Tickets

— from timed ticketing to data insights

From timed ticketing to data insights, find out how Art Tickets has helped 120 museums reopen in 2020.

Merrin Kalinowski — Museum Marketing Relationship Manager
Art Fund

Sponsored by Art Fund

Day 1 — 1.00pm

Why Christmas isn’t Cancelled on Marquee TV

Marquee TV demonstrates a digital co-marketing model to delight audiences, leverage databases and tee up a hybrid live/digital model for 2021. CEO and Co-Founder Simon Walker talks us through some of the festive offerings across the platform this year, from ballet to classical music, and leaves you with a special gift with which to enjoy the best of the season on-screen

Sponsored by Marquee TV

Day 1 — 2.00pm


— helping your audience to help you

In this workshop Jo will establish the guiding principles that are the bedrock of good crowdfunding campaigns, and get you working in groups on your own campaigns for 2021.

This session won’t be recorded for the Access All Areas Pass.

Jo Breeze — Crowdfunding Consultant

Leading Through Change

In this panel session we’ll be hearing from people who know first-hand what it means to lead a team, a project or an organisation through a period of intense change.

Amanda Huxtable — Artistic Director/CEO
Eclipse Theatre

Cath Hume — CEO
Arts Marketing Association

James Mackenzie Blackman — CEO
Eden Court Highlands

Sarah Ogle — Marketing & Communications Director
Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Theatres

Five Steps to Deepen Engagement

— acting with intent

Explore 5 key steps to deepening customer engagement including data-driven decision making and the importance of setting clear metrics to measure success.

Erin Koppel — Senior Vice President, Consulting
Tessitura Network

Kate Watson — Consultant
Tessitura Network

Co-created by Tessitura Network and AMA

UnFestival Part 1

The first part of the UnFestival includes a quickfire overview to set the context on each of our UnFestival themes, and then it’s time to share ideas and discuss the topic. This is your opportunity to propose topics for conversation, on those themes.

Day 1 — 3.00pm

Tessitura Network Drop-in

Drop in and ask us anything (about CRM)!

Tessitura Network are one of our Festival sponsors.

UnFestival Part 2

— What is the future of arts marketing?

Join Part 1 of the UnFestival to hone in on the aspects you’d like to hear discussed, then follow up in detail in break-out rooms in Part 2.

Day 1 — 3.30pm

Cardboard and Creativity

— how a little theatre grew a large lockdown following

This session explores how Little Angel Theatre mobilised quickly with a small staff team to create engaging, accessible content for families; and where they plan to take their new, online audience next.

Sophie Waddy — Marketing & Communications Manager
Little Angel Theatre

Changing Audience Behaviour and Attitudes

How has the pandemic affected behaviours and attitudes towards attending or taking part in cultural activities? The Audience Agency are working on an in depth, longitudinal survey across the whole UK population to find out…

Anne Torreggiani — CEO of The Audience Agency & Co-Director of Centre for Cultural Value

How to Pivot your Digital Marketing in Response to Change

This session aims to help you adapt your digital marketing to make room for change with practical examples from HdK Associates.

Hans de Krester — Director
HdK Associates

Phoebe Cleghorn — Digital Marketing Manager
HdK Associates

Freya Ruane — Digital Marketing Coordinator
HdK Associates

Sponsored by HdK Associates

Day 1 — 3.45pm

UnFestival Part 3

— How are arts marketers going to influence social change?

Join Part 1 of the UnFestival to shape and hear what will be discussed, then prepare to get stuck in to what promises to be sparky debates in Part 3.

Day 1 — 4.15pm

Wrap Up and Thank you — day 1

Day 1 — 4.30pm

Wednesday 2 December

Please note: Sessions with a pink border will be recorded and included in the Access All Areas Pass






Day 2 — 9.00am


Talk to Ed or Rob at PatronBase about how you can make the most of your technology, systems or data.

PatronBase are one of our Festival sponsors.

Day 2 — 9.30am

After the Formalities

Poet Anthony Anaxagorou kicks off day two of the Festival with some thoughts and readings from his second collection “After the Formalities”.

Anthony Anaxagorou — Poet, Fiction Writer, Essayist, Publisher & Poetry Educator

Day 2 — 10.00am

Make Change Meaningful

In this talk, Sade will discuss how we set the right conditions to make meaningful change in our organisations. If this means scrutinising the existing culture, looking at recruitment practices, apprenticeships and internships, the Board, then how do we begin?

Sade Banks — Founder
Sour Lemons

From Colston to Beacon

— delivering change in the midst of a pandemic

In this session, Andy and Sarah will talk through their experience of handling their organisation’s communications during a high profile renaming and rebranding, under the scrutiny and pressures of the last 6 months.

Andy Boreham — Head of Marketing
Bristol Music Trust

Sarah Robertson — Director of Communications & Special Projects
Bristol Beacon

Audience Development

— the heart of organisational change

Speakers from the Wolverhampton Grand share the experiences, methodologies and outcomes that make up the valuable lessons they learned from putting audience development at the centre of their five-year strategy.

Hardish Virk — Audience Development Consultant

Vicky Price — Associate Director of Development and Communications
Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Arts Marketing in a Climate Crisis

Join this workshop to talk about greener ways of delivering your marketing and digital activities, which is part of Season for Change, a UK-wide cultural programme climate action and justice, led by Artsadmin and Julie’s Bicycle.

This session won’t be recorded for the Access All Areas Pass.

Alison Criddle — Projects & Sustainability Coordinator

Katie Haines — Head of Marketing and Development

Octagon Norman — Communications Manager
Seasons for Change

Ruby Kvalheim — Marketing & Events Manager
Julie’s Bicycle

Sponsored by Season for Change

Day 2 — 11.00am

Art Fund

Find out how Art Fund can help amplify your museum’s marketing.

Art Fund are one of our Festival sponsors.

Day 2 — 11.30am

Being Well

— what it means to show self-compassion

In this session you’ll gain insight into how our emotional regulation systems work and you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your own direct experience, feedback in small groups and ask questions.

This session won’t be recorded for the Access All Areas Pass.

Uz Afzal — Mindfulness Teacher
Be Here Breathe

Welcome Back

— two journeys to reopening

In this session we will hear from two very different organisations about their journey to reopening to their audiences, including the successes and failures that each organisation experienced.

Bonnie Turnbull — Director of Marketing & Communications

Florence Symington — Head of Brand & Marketing
Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Building a Fanbase from Home

— Rambert Home Studio

In this session we’ll hear about a piece of work that began before the pandemic took hold and allows Rambert to deliver its brand experiences directly to a growing and diversifying fan base.

Jo Taylor — Director of Audiences

The Emergence and Acceleration of Digital and Virtual Memberships during COVID-19

This session will explore membership trends, the rise of virtual memberships and the value of digital membership cards for heritage organisations.

Dan Sullivan — Head of Growth and Partnerships

Sponsored by Cuseum

Day 2 — 1.30pm

Day 2 — 2.00pm

From Queering Spires to Green Inspired

— how sustainability can underpin our practice

In this session, which will include discussion and group work, Marta will talk about the journey to creating an exhibition with sustainability at its heart; how creating change can begin with small steps, yet have a big impact.

This session won’t be recorded for the Access All Areas Pass.

Marta Lomza — Community Engagement & Exhibitions Officer
Museum of Oxford


— turning a crisis into community creativity

In this session you’ll learn how a user-led community-building campaign allowed Trinity Laban’s innovative and collaborative spirit to thrive during a period of uncertainty, and increased reach and engagement in the digital sphere.

Tessa Gillett — Head of Marketing & Communications
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Now Trending

— what’s new in digital?

In this panel session you’ll hear from the most digitally astute players, particularly around social media, following trends in the arts sector and beyond.

Haydn Corrodus — Social Media Tech Champion
Digital Culture Network/Arts Council England

Sarah Ellis — Director of Digital Development
Royal Shakespeare Company

Theo Watt — Senior Copywriter
Social Chain

The Bumble-Bee Effect

— creating smart media and content campaigns

With practical advice, this session will talk about how audiences consume media and how this has developed over the past year.

Richard Rizzo Hills — Media Strategy Director
Fabbrica Media

Sponsored by Fabbrica Media

Day 2 — 3.00pm

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