PatronBase 1:1s

Arts Marketing Festival

Patronbase 1:1s

Dec 1, 11.00-11.30

Both Ed and Rob have broad experience across the sector, including a variety of systems such as CRM, marketing, ticketing and fundraising.

They can provide insight about making the most of technology, systems and data, an external perspective on what works well, and offer a sounding board for your own plans or ideas.

Talk to Ed Lee, Sales Partnership Manager

Ed explores new leads and business opportunities within the UK ticketing industry working across the arts and cultural sector. He’s responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with clients and customers and key decision-makers.

His previous role was at Leicester City Council, managing the ticketing network for Leicester Ticketing Network, servicing the partner venues which include, King Richard III Visitor Centre, and Leicester Arts & Museums, as Ticketing Network Project Manager.

Ed also works as a consultant with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, helping them get the most out of their ticketing and CRM system in Assembly Hall Theatre and The Amelia venue.

Talk to Rob Walters, Solutions Architect 

Rob took on the role of Global Software Architect for PatronBase in 2013, and in his current role leads PatronBase in the UK, spearheading growth into North America and the Middle East.

Rob has been writing software since he was 15, and his interest in the Arts started even earlier, splitting his time at school pretty evenly between the theatre and the computer labs.

Rob loves combining his interests of digital innovation and the Arts, looking for innovative ways to use technology to help Arts organisations do more better.

About PatronBase

PatronBase provides software, innovation and expertise to manage and run events.We go beyond ticketing, providing a flexible and holistic range of software with the expertise to help you make the most of it, to help you build and sustain your audience.

Our products can be found from event marketing and ticketing through membership and venue management to loyalty, fundraising. This range of features is available with a flexible pricing model that is highly competitive.

No two of our partner venues are the same – they use their inherent creativity to present a unique offering, reflecting the unique opportunities and challenges they face.

The tools we provide embrace this individuality, with the flexibility and responsiveness to work with you to reflect your unique situation and creative vision. As well as theatres, arts centres, and concert halls, our software is used to help schools, art galleries, sporting venues, universities and places of worship plan and manage their events.

Above all, we have a single measure of success

PatronBase. Build an audience your way.