An Unlikely Place to find TikTok Success?

An Unlikely Place to find TikTok Success?

It’s tempting to either jump on the bandwagon of a new social media platform, or dismiss it as irrelevant to your audiences. But what happens when you find the space to experiment with a new platform and test what you (think you) know about who your audience is and could potentially be?

In this session we’ll be hearing from Martin Jefferies, Social Media Manager with English Heritage, about how he built a partnership with TikTok and engagement with a very different audience.

He’ll go into how they found their niche on the platform, recognising the differences between it and other social platforms; best practice and the ethical considerations to keep in mind.

What will I gain?

— Insight into what using TikTok actually entails, with or without a budget

— Ideas for how to approach new platforms and campaigns

— Understanding of the ethical considerations involved

This session will be recorded and included in the Access All Areas Pass.


Martin Jefferies | Social Media Manager | English Heritage

Martin heads up the social media team at English Heritage, which looks after over 400 historic places including Stonehenge, Dover Castle and sites along Hadrian’s Wall. English Heritage’s social media channels have a combined audience of over 1.25 million, with a further 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube, and views on the organisation’s newest channel, TikTok, reached four million within six months of launch.

Martin’s role at English Heritage includes content production for a variety of audiences and with multiple objectives, from reach and engagement to sales and fundraising. It also includes strategic partnerships, paid social and community management.