Building a Fanbase from Home

Building a Fanbase from Home

— Rambert Home Studio

As a performing company, set on shifting from transactions to relationship marketing, the touring model offers challenges. How do you build a fanbase, not a customer base when you don’t get regular opportunities to talk directly to your audiences?

In this session we’ll hear about a piece of work that began before the pandemic took hold but was accelerated by, and rolled out during lockdown. Rambert’s cross platform web application, Rambert Home Studio, addresses key strategic business challenges and allows the organisation to deliver its brand experiences directly to a growing and diversifying fan base.

We’ll go into how this solution was driven by the organisation’s brand and audience insights and what’s next both in content and how the platform is fuelling a new audience engagement strategy.

What will I gain?

— Insight into how to engage audiences differently when we’re not performing in shared physical pace

— Thinking about routes to use your brand to develop a larger, wider, more diverse fanbase

— Considerations for how digital solutions address your own organisation-specific strategy

This session will be recorded and included in the Access All Areas Pass.


Jo Taylor | Director of Audiences | Rambert

As Director of Audiences Jo is responsible for growing and diversifying Rambert’s fanbase, deepening relationships with its brand and leads on Rambert’s digital strategy. Jo joined Rambert during lockdown in May following 10 years at Morris Hargreaves McIntyre as a senior consultant and company director where her client work often focused on segmentation and brand.